Ultrasounds in industries

Industrial-scale ultrasonic applications are numerous and extremely specialized. Very important among them we can find:
Mixing and optimization of transesterfication for producing biodiesel;
Treatment of sludge and waste waters: reduction of the bacterial load, increase in biodegradability;
Emulsion processes: production of stable emulsions for various types of products for the cosmetic and food industries and for paints and fuels;
Dispersion and homogenization of pigments for the manufacturing of inks or for dispersion of nanomaterials in solvents;
Ultrasonic mixing of cement mix to optimize setting time, reduction of super-fluidifier, quicker hydration, greater resistance.

Everywave can analyse an industrial application and design optimized systems for maximum sonication efficiency.
Alternatively, reactors which have already been developed can be utilized for applications in continuous flow such as:
STEP:WAVE: 2kW, 20kHz, continuous flow reactor, 1-litre cell volume;
FLOW:WAVE: 2/4 kW, 20/40 kHz, continuous flow reactor, 4-litre cell volume.

Process control

Everywave ultrasonic reactors can all be controlled by a PLC to guarantee steady and efficient operating. The system is equipped with sensors which control temperature, pressure and volumetric flow rate as well as the operating parameters of the reactor for many industrial processes.
More specifically, the temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow rate parameters can be used to adjust the optimal sonication power for treating the fluid.

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