The concept of ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting relies on the exceptional reduction of friction that is obtained on the surface of an ultrasonic blade that resonates.

There are various types of ultrasonic cutting systems, but the two main ones are:

  • food cutting with large titanium alloy blades
  • industrial cutting of fabrics and composite matrices with compact blades

in both cases , ultrasonic cutting allows :

  • clean and repeatable cut, with maximum final quality on the edges
  • minimal need for cleaning the blade, resulting in the possibility of continuous cutting
  • minimum energy consumption
  • minimal wear
  • possible increase in cutting speed
  • possibility of cutting materials (or foods) for which standard techniques do not work

Here are the main products for industrial and food cutting :

BLADE:WAVE - Food cut                                                                              CUT:WAVE - Ultrasonic cutting