COMSOL Certified Consultant

Everywave can provide consulting for the designing of devices which operate in all fields of acoustics. It is chiefly specialized in power ultrasound applications for new industrial frontiers such as agri-food, environment, renewable energy, water treatment, biofuel/biogas production and the optimization of many other processes.

Our main activities are:
Feasibility studies;
Research and consulting;
Designing of technologically advanced products;
Specialized measurements based on acquired know-how;
FEM analysis.

In Everywave innovation starts from an FEM Multiphysics simulation to gain the utmost benefits possible from research and to reduce time to market.
We are always supported by Unitech, which provides us areas, offices, laboratories and equipment when Everywave does not have them at hand.

More specifically, the types of study, simulation and analyses which we are able to perform include:

  • Structural analysis (stress, deformation, vibration and resonance);
  • Piezoelectric conversion analysis (efficiency and analysis of vibration modes);
  • Acoustics field analysis (pressure field, speed, and power);
  • Electrical analysis (impedance, power, and efficiency of converters);
  • Fluid dynamics and thermal analysis (cooling systems and study of heat flows);
  • Fluid dynamics and thermal analysis (cooling systems and study of heat flows);
  • The most interesting specialized measurements include cavitation pressure analysis, electrical impedance analysis, power measurements and electromechanical conversion efficiency.

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The strategic choice that exists behind the establishment of Everywave is based on the growing and widespread interest in the use of power ultrasounds...