Everywave has developed a new flow-through reactor for various applications

the new STEP:WAVE reactor is a flow cell that contains a special sonotrode, capable of generating an intense phenomenon of cavitation in the volume in which the fluid flows. It is a system intended for various industrial applications, including:
> Emulsions, mixing, disintegration
> food processing
> Sonochemistry
> Plant extraction
> Bactericidal action

These systems have been designed entirely by FEM analysis, to have an efficiency> 90% and a high reliability and durability thanks to innovative construction systems of converter, sonotrode and reactor , which are manufactured with precious materials such as Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy and AISI316L steel , food grade, with integrated DIN-11851 compliance, internal roughness <0.8, to ensure hygienic standard fulfillment.

The system can be easily inserted along the process line, to obtain the desired treatment. Each single module is able to handle flow rates of the order of 1-2ton / hour, but various modules can be placed side by side, to manage processes with a greater flow rate.