Manufacturing of filtering face masks

Two companies from Padua enter the filtering face mask manufacturing market

The start-up Everywave and Unitech, leaders in designing and manufacturing high power ultrasound systems, have recently specialized in the manufacturing of ultrasonic welding systems for all types of filtering face masks, so that they can be manufactured in Italy and abroad.

Unitech manufactures ultrasound systems for cleaning and several other important industrial applications whilst Everywave is an innovative start-up whose aim is to use ultrasounds for various food, pharmaceutical, agri-food applications.

The recent demand for filtering face masks for the COVID-19 emergency has led the two companies, both very skilled, to quickly design and develop innovative products, manufacture welding systems for “non-woven” layers of filtering material which is typically used in this protective equipment.
The systems they have developed are equipped with top-level technology, both in terms of performance and flexibility and ease of use.

Everywave business partners have stated:

“The many demands and the national emergency have driven us to design fundamental systems for Italian mechanical engineering companies that want to develop complete machines for automated manufacturing of filtering face masks having state-of-the-art quality and efficiency”.

The ultrasonic welding systems are designed and manufactured in the Vigonza (Padua) plant and can be purchased by contacting:

Unitech: +39 049 628961,
Everywave: +39 339 8182549,