Everywave has developed new ultrasound systems for laboratory

GET:WAVE are portable ultrasound systems, designed and manufactured for various applications, such as:
> Emulsions, mixing, disintegration
> Culinary applications
> Sonochemistry
> vegetal extraction
> Bactericidal action

Thanks to the 'scalability' of ultrasound, with EW20 it is possible to design the ultrasonic process and then bring it back to industrial scale.

These systems have been designed entirely by FEM analysis, to have an efficiency> 90% and a high reliability and durability thanks to innovative construction systems of the converter, which is made with precious materials such as AISI316L steel and Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy. The sonotrode can be used for various applications, especially for fluid treatments by intense cavitation. In addition, the bracket and clamp allow a quick height adjustment, to immerse the sonotrode in various types of laboratory containers.

See also the application examples of these products