Ultrasonic cutting system for food

BLADE:WAVE  is an ultrasonic system for cutting various kinds of food.
The ultrasonic vibration of the blade allows to obtain clean, repeatable, fast cuts, without shearing or 'gluing' the food to the blade.

It can be installed on manual cutting stations or, more commonly, integrated into automated manufacturing processes.
Different types of Boosters and Sonotrodes are available, depending on the type and size of the food to be cut.
Standard sonotrodes of 100, 200, 300, 330mm width are available, but also special sonotrodes can be manufactured on customer request.

Below is a video with typical applications.


Compatibility and control 

The cutting system is powered and controlled by the Unitech TiTAK03 CUT Generator, which can be controlled by PLC via Multifunction I / O connection and Ethernet Modbus TCP / IP remote interconnection (with Industry 4.0 standard). All the features of the generator on: unitech-italia.com/titako

Advanced Technology

  • Each ultrasound system is completely designed through FEM analysis, to obtain maximum power, efficiency, reliability and welding quality results;
  • With the innovative “Wave-Stop” suspension, vibrations on the converter cover are eliminated;
  • Complete remote control and programming of the electrical parameters of the System are available for setting the cutting cycle and automated operation;
  • Several types of standard Sonotrodes are available; special shapes can be designed on customer request.

Technical Specifications

Remote online assistance 
automated operating programs
S.I.A. (Smart Impedance Analyzer) control
remote control I/0 Multifunction 25 poles
 Eth.Modbus TCP—IP conn. via IP address (Industry Standard 4.0)
Power/Energy control: cut power and energy cycle control
network remote user interface

Scopri le applicazioni

L'utilizzo degli ultrasuoni di potenza per nuove applicazioni in settori industriali in cui il fenomeno di cavitazione può essere sfruttato...