Multifunction ultrasonic instrument

EW20S is a portable ultrasound system designed and made for various applications such as:
Emulsions, mixing, disintegration;
Food applications;
Vegetable extraction;
Bactericidal action;
Welding polymer fabrics and film.


The reactor is controlled by a Unitech Titako generator.

Advanced technology

  • The converter and all the parts are FEM designed (finite element analysis and optimization);
  • Efficiency > 90%;
  • High reliability and long-lasting thanks to the converter’s innovative construction systems;
  • Made in AISI316L steel and Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy;
  • Sonotrode designed for various applications:
    1. treatment of fluids with intense cavitation in a container;
    2. vibration of the terminal part able to carry out welding on polymer fabrics or films.
  • It can be installed on a vertical bracket with height adjustment;
  • Forced-air cooling for high-power continuous applications.

Frequency, power and size

Operating frequency20 kHz
Maximum power300W
Power supply (Titako generator)110-500V AC
Power controlcontinuous
Pulsed modeprogrammable

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