Multifunction ultrasonic sonicator

GET:WAVE is a portable sonicator system designed and made for various applications such as:
Emulsions, mixing, disintegration
Food applications
Vegetable extraction
Bactericidal action


The reactor is controlled by a Unitech Titako generator. A soundproof cabinet is available, to reduce sound pressure level below 65dB at 1m

Advanced technology

  • The converter and all the parts are FEM designed (finite element analysis and optimization);
  • Efficiency > 90%;
  • High reliability and long-lasting thanks to the converter’s innovative construction systems;
  • Made in AISI316L steel and Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy;
  • Sonotrode designed for various applications , such as treatment of fluids with intense cavitation 
  • It can be installed on a vertical bracket with height adjustment;
  • Forced-air cooling for high-power continuous applications.

Frequency, power and size

Operating frequency 20 kHz
Maximum power 400W
Power supply (Titako generator) 110-500V AC
Power control continuous
Pulsed mode programmable
Timer programmable

Learn more about the applications

Use of power ultrasounds for new applications in industrial sectors in which the cavitation phenomenon can be utilized...