Continuous flow ultrasonic reactor

STEP:WAVE  is a reactor with a continuous 1-litre flow cell designed and made for various industrial applications such as:
Vegetable extraction;
Bactericidal action;
Various treatments for industrial fluid products.


The reactor is controlled by a Unitech Titako generator.

Advanced technology

  • The converter and all the parts are FEM designed (finite element analysis and optimization);
  • Efficiency > 90%;
  • New “sonostop” technology which cancels vibrations on the converter housing;
  • Special sonotrode designed with a resonant ring structure which concentrates the cavitation phenomenon in the areas near the sonotrode with a larger surface for fluid interaction and efficiency;
  • High reliability and long-lasting thanks to the converter’s innovative construction systems;
  • 1-litre closed flow cell able to handle temperatures up to 150°C and overpressure of 4bars;
  • Made in AISI316L steel and Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy.

Frequency, power and size

Operating frequency20 kHz
Maximum power2000W
Flow cell volume1L
Power supply (Titako generator)110-500V AC
Power controlcontinuous
Pulsed modeprogrammable

Learn more about the applications

Use of power ultrasounds for new applications in industrial sectors in which the cavitation phenomenon can be utilized...