Welding system

TiTAKO WELD is a quick, convenient, customizable ultrasonic welding system for plastic and synthetic fabrics.
It can be installed on manual welding stations or integrated in automated production processes.
It can be equipped with various types of Boosters and Sonotrodes depending on the type of plastic / fabric which is to be welded.
Special sonotrodes are also available for welding metals.

Some examples of typical installations follow below (for instance welding of face masks).


Compatibility and technical requirements

The welding system is powered and managed by Unitech Generator TiTAK03 WELD, which can be controlled by a PLC with a multifunction I/O Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP remote connection (with Industry 4.0 standards). All the features of the generator at: unitech-italia.com/titako

Advanced technology

  • All ultrasound systems are completely designed using FEM analysis, to achieve maximum power, efficiency, reliability and high-quality welding results;
  • Vibrations on the converter housing are eliminated with the innovative “Wave-Stop” suspension;
  • Complete remote control and electrical parameter programming of the system are available for setting the welding cycle and automated operations;
  • Various types of standard sonotrodes are available; special shapes can be designed upon the customer’s request.

Technical specifications

Remote assistance
Automatic operating programs
S.I.A. control system (Smart Impedance Analyzer)
Standard 25-pole Multifunction I/0 remote control
Ethernet Modbus TCP—IP interconnection and management through IP address (Industry 4.0 standards)
Power/Energy control: complete control of welding power and energy cycle
User interface on the network


Learn more about the applications

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